Why do you Run?

By Susan S. Paul, MS Training Program Director for Track Shack Fitness Club 

I am often asked,  "Why do you run?"  Believe it or not, this question always takes me by surprise. Running is such an integral part of my life that I don't think about it anymore; it is just something that I do, almost every day. To me, this question is like asking someone why they brush their teeth or why they bathe. The answer is obvious, isn't it? 
Well, I'm not gonna lie. The answer is, I run because I love it. Truth is, I can't imagine NOT running.  The associated health and fitness benefits of running are simply a bonus.  

As a kid, running was play. Running was transportation, freedom, independence, and, best of all, adventure! We ran all over our neighborhood, exploring every nook and cranny, all day long. Today, it's still my form of play. 
Saturday or Sunday is typically the long run day for most runners. Runners tend to think about a long run in terms of miles, but I think about the long run in terms of adventure!  The best part about running long is that the early start and long miles means increased odds that something interesting will happen along the way.  As I set my alarm and prepare for an early morning start, I wonder about what the run will bring. Which friends are going to show up? What topics will we discuss? And, best of all, what adventure are we in for tomorrow? We have found lost pets, lost people, lost runners, money, keys, and downed trees. We have encountered police, firefighters, accidents, and have even called 911 on several occasions. Nothing like a little excitement to help the miles click by! 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves."  Now, I know that Eleanor was not referring to "long run" in terms of a 20 miler, but the idea holds the same truth, whether figuratively or literally.  I run to test my limits physically, mentally, and emotionally. I run to better myself, to be stronger, and to be tougher. I run to do more than I ever thought I was capable of doing. 

The real miracle of running is this: What happens on the road translates to real life. An awakening occurs and runners realize this simple truth, "If I can run 10 miles or 20 miles, I can do anything. I can deal with anything."  And we do. Running prepares you for the vigorous demands of real life. 

So, for me, the more appropriate question is "Why DON'T you run?" 
Are ready to test your limits?  If you are interested in adopting a running, walking, or run/walking lifestyle, check out our training programs starting August 1. Track Shack offers a variety of group training programs from beginning your fitness journey with Zero to Fit, to speed building and endurance distance training.  Or meet up for a fun Wednesday night group run to meet people and explore a new area.   Click here for more information on all of Track Shack’s Training Programs including specific times and locations or to register.

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