Happy Spring!

Spring definitely arrived Sunday for the Hughes family.  The day started with a comfortable little drizzle which made my run so amazing...I loved the extra energy I felt because it was a little cooler and I finished my 5 miler with almost what I used to call a "kick!"

Well, my five miles was the lowest mileage of the Hughes' yesterday.  Emma and her hubby Will, ran the Excaliber 10 Miler in Viero Beach. Chris and his fiancĂ© Allie ran a 10 mile training run and we even "ran" into each other.  That was fun but I was so glad we weren't running together because they were flying!  They had hooked up with Alex who is the girlfriend of our newest Track Shack employee Jake!  She ran 23 miles yesterday preparing for Boston!  

And, that leaves Jon who met old friends, Claudia and Kathy to run 10 miles.  I must say it is pretty cool that those running genes continue to live on in our family.  I'm so proud of my kids for even wanting to run.  Our four kids (I'm including you, Allie) are all running the Star Wars Half in a couple weeks and Jon and I will greet them at the finish line!  

Happy Spring and see you on the roads! 


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