Awards & Scoring

Following a Grand Prix format, the Running Series uses a point system based on results from each race. Runners who score in the top overall or top age group positions receive points at each of the six events. The top male and female runners listed below receive awards, merchandise and gift certificates!

Running Series awards are not duplicated. An individual can win in the overall category or age group, but not both in the following: 

  • Top five male and female overall

  • Top male and female masters (age 40+)

  • Top male and female grand masters (age 50+)

  • Top male and female senior grand masters (age 60+)

  • First place male and female in each age group

  • Series Points

    1st - 100 points

    2nd - 80 points

    3rd - 70 points

    4th - 60 points

    5th - 50 points

    6th - 40 points

    7th - 30 points 

    8th - 20 points

    9th - 10 points

    10th - 5 points 


    Age Group - Series Points

    1st - 10 points

    2nd - 8 points

    3rd - 7 points

    4th - 6 points

    5th - 5 points

    6th - 4 points

    7th - 3 points

    8th - 2 points

    9th - 1 point

    10th - 1 point

    In the event of a tie at the end of the season:

    1. The winner will be determined by who has won the most often

    2. Greater number of events completed

    3. The person who won the Winter Park Road Race

    Note: For questions regarding current Track Shack Running Series points, e-mail us at no later than the Friday before the next Track Shack Running Series event.