5K distance


3.1 Miles

10K distance


6.2 Miles



Swedish word meaning speedplay, in which one runs irregular distances at varying speeds interspersed with jogging intervals.

Run/Walk Interval (RWI)

[ruhn] [wawk] [in-ter-vuhl]

These serve the purpose of more easily helping you get to your continuous running distance. They also relieve some of the stress on the lower joints. Begin with a 4:1 ratio of four minutes of running interspersed with 1:00 minute of walking. During your training, work up to a 9:1 ratio before running continuously.

Tempo Run

[tem-poh] [ruhn]

Usually a two to five mile run at 80-90% effort.



A time given at a certain key point in a race, i.e. one mile, two mile.

Negative Splits

[neg-uh-tiv] [splits]

Running the last half of a race faster than the first half.



The distance traveled in a single long step.



Sudden surge that takes you over the line.


[bod-ee] [glahyd]

Lubricating product to prevent chafing and skin irritation

Bib Number

[bib] [nuhm-ber]

A pre- assigned number that is fastened with safety pins to the front of your clothing during the race. This number identifies you as an officially registered participant and is used by race organizers for safety and medical purposes as well.


[L] [S] [D]

Long Slow Distance


[M] [P] [D]

Miles Per Day


[P] [R]

Personal Record


[P] [B]

Personal Best

East Sider

[eest] [sahy-der]

Coffee ordered by real runners; 16 oz. black, no room

Packet Pickup

[pak-it] [pik-uhp]

Dates and times scheduled to pick up your race information the week of your race. Here are some things to take note of:
- Packet Pickup—days and location
- Parking/Directions for the road race
- Race # and B-Tag
- T-shirt

Track Shack Foundation

[trak] [shak] [foun-dey-shuhn]

The Foundation was established as a 501c (3) organization with the purpose of promoting health and fitness with an emphasis on youth programs. To date since its inception, the foundation has contributed over one million dollars to community programs.

Track Shack

[trak] [shak]

An established specialty running store that has been fitting shoes for over 30 years. Our staff is is committed to finding the products that fit and work best for you.The B-Tag by ChronoTrack is the timing device used to score 5k participants.

B-Tag by ChronoTrack

[B] [tag] [bahy] [kron-oh-trak]

The B-Tag is attached to the back of your runner bib. Please see below for additional information.

Fun Run

[fuhn] [ruhn]

Un-timed race. Participants should look at the finish line clock.