Pre-Race Tips

Register Early

Receive the best entry fee price (save $3-$10). Your training will be more regular if you've committed to a race.

Ask Friends to Register with You

Besides running with thousands of other people. It's fun to run along side your friends. And it's okay to guilt your friends to participate. They'll thank you afterward!

Choose Clothes Wisely

Never wear brand new clothes - you never know if there's a hidden seam that may rub you the wrong way!

Importance of Your Race Packet

The Race Packet includes your bib number, pins, and final race instructions.
Race Instructions include parking, directions and last minute reminders. Your experience will be easier if you know what to expect ahead of time. Packet pick up is often held at Track Shack beginning Wednesday before the race. 

Once you have looked over all the pre-race information in your packet and reviewed the web site for exact directions to the race site be sure to allow plenty of time for parking and visiting the restroom.

Get to the Startline Early

If the race start is 7:00 am, arrive at the site by 6:15 am. Time flies and you don't want to miss the race start. Line up at the start according to your running pace. Five minute milers at the front and walkers in the back.

Race Day Packet Pick Up

If you did not pick up your race packet during the packet pickup hours, you will need to pick up your race number at the corresponding tables on race morning at the race site. Signage and race staff to will be there to direct you. 

Race numbers should always go on the front using the safety pins supplied in your race packet.

B-Tag Scoring

The B-Tag by ChronoTrack is the timing device used to score 5k participants. The B-Tag is attached to the back of your runner bib. Please see below for additional information.

View B-Tag Instructions »

During Your Race

Eating Before a Race

If you are accustomed to eating before exercise, eat light approximately 2 hours before the race. Choose carbohydrates such as breads, pancakes or fruit smoothies. 

What to Drink Before, During and After

  • Start hydrating before the race, i.e. 8 to 12 ounces per hour and continue during and after the race.
  • Take water at the water stop. It's normal to walk and drink and then resume a running/jogging pace.
  • After the race, drink sport drinks that can be used to replace the loss of electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Running and Walking in a Race

Most community running events encourage participation at all fitness levels. Participants run, walk or do a run/walk combination. Read through the pre-race information for any pace-per-mile restrictions.

It's important not to try anything new on race day that you haven't tried as part your regular exercise regime.


Post-Race Tips


Keep Moving

Cross the finish line and keep moving! Don't just stop and stand there. Walk through the finish chute, have your chip removed from your shoe, and keep walking.

Drink Water

Walk to the water table. Take some water and DRINK it!!! Continue walking as part of your cool-down for at least 15 minutes. Movement keeps your muscles contracting and assists blood circulation and will reduce post-race muscle soreness.


After you have adequately cooled-down by walking, stretch your lower back and legs. Lay down on your back and pull your knees into your chest. Your legs will thank you!
Here are helpful stretches for you to follow.

Register for Another Race

Even after a successful race, it is common for runners to feel a bit down upon completion. Some runners feel lost after completing a goal. The best way to avoid this phenomenon is to set another goal. Register for another race, or try a race of a different distance, a destination race, or a trail run...there is a lot of variety available to keep you interested for a VERY long time!

Consider a Training Group