Track Shack Ambassadors

We are looking for individuals who love Track Shack, shop with us regularly and are frequent runners in our races! Ambassadors will represent Track Shack in the community and also be known as the new “Outreach Team.” Ambassadors will be asked to represent Track Shack at local races and running clubs!

Benefits of Ambassadors

1. Track Shack branded tank

2. 50% OFF the Running Series 
3. Additional discount on non Running Series races
4. 20% OFF in store 


1. Post at least 6 to 10 times on social media throughout the season tagging Track Shack 
2. Please tag Track Shack in all your running related posts across social media.
3. Write a review about your favorite Track Shack race on
4. Volunteer at one outreach (local running club or pub run) event or Track Shack Race per a month. 
5. Post and participate in race specific promotions throughout the year, as requested.

Track Shack Run Club

We are excited to introduce a new concept as we engage more members of the Track Shack Family. Stay tuned for more info. 

Team Track Shack

Each year we are excited to select new Team Track Shack members from our current ambassadors.