Track Shack Training - Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains?

We run in the rain. Coaches will be present at all scheduled training workouts, even in the rain. Since it is so hard to predict Florida weather, workouts will not be cancelled ahead of time. In the event that lightning is present in the immediate area, workouts may be delayed. Workouts will only be cancelled if absolutely necessary. The only exception to this will be hurricane watches. If we are expecting a hurricane and the police have asked everyone to stay off the streets, we will abide by their decision.

Can I still join if I can't make all the scheduled workouts?

Yes, you can still join one of our training programs even if you are unable to make every workout. It is in your best interest to attend every workout, but we also understand that this may not be possible. Ask your Coach what you can do on the days that you will miss; they will be glad to provide you with workouts.

Can I bring my baby jogger, stroller, or children with me?

No, we regret that we are unable to allow baby joggers, strollers, or children to attend workouts. We have a large number of participants in all of our programs; therefore, children or strollers on the track or the road put the children and participants at risk.

Can I enroll my child in a training program?

The Cheetah Running Club is for children age 8-14. The purpose of this youth training program is to provide our young people with practical running experience that will grow with their overall athletic skills and encourage fitness and health for their lifetime.

I missed the start of the training program, so can the cost of the training program be pro-rated?

Our training programs are supported by the Track Shack Youth Foundation and AdventHealth. Their support allows us to offer training programs for adults at a very reasonable cost. Due to the already low cost of our programs, we are not able to pro-rate the cost. Late entry into any of our programs is at the discretion of the Training Program Director and the Coaches.