Stretching Tips from AdventHealth Physical Therapist

As a proud partner of Track Shack Events, AdventHealth has provided stretching tips to keep you active and feeling good. You can schedule a physical therapy appointment today. No referral needed.

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Hip & Core Strengthening for Runners
- Trevor Hicks PT, DPT, OCS

Trevor Hicks, AdventHealth Physical Therapist, shows you a series of exercises that focus on three critical areas to improve your training: muscular endurance, strength, and power production. These hip and core strengthening exercises are perfect for avid runners or anyone starting to train for their first 5k.

Improving Your Hip Mobility
- Julian Richards PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Your hips are at the center of movement for any activity you do. As your hips become healthier and more flexible, you can improve your strength and power. Julian Richards, AdventHealth Physical Therapist, demonstrates two simple exercises to help improve your hip mobility.

Core Strengthening for Your Feet
- Doug Allen, PT, DPT, OCS, MPT, ATC

This is one key exercise all runners should do to strengthen your foot core. Just as we have key core muscles that help support our lumbar spine and trunk, our feet have four layers of muscles that help stabilize our foot arch. Doug Allen, AdventHealth Physical Therapist, demonstrates how you can strengthen your foot "core" to improve foot posture and absorb the increased loads when running.

Warming Up Before a Run
- Samuel Singleton PT, DPT, OCS

What does your warm up before a run look like? AdventHealth Physical Therapist, Samuel Singleton goes over some simple exercises to help increase flexibility and warm the body up before a run.

Foam Rolling - Justin Hess, PT

Foam Rolling helps with soreness, pain and flexibility! AdventHealth Physical Therapist, Justin Hess takes us through simple foam roller stretches for the calf. Remember, whether it's a new injury or ongoing joint pain, a physical therapist can help!

Shin Splits - Justin Hess, PT

Have a tennis ball handy? You're going to need it for this next tip! AdventHealth Physical Therapist, Justin Hess walks us through how to alleviate shin splints. Don't let shin splints keep you from achieving your personal best.

Proper Workplace Ergonomics
- Samuel Singleton PT, DPT, OCS

It happens to the best of us...the pesky chair slouch! Although easy to fall into, this posture puts major stress on the neck and lower back. AdventHealth Physical Therapist, Samuel Singleton has the fix to kick the habit in this one minute video.

Plantar Fasciitis - Justin Hess, PT

Did you know Plantar Fasciitis is a common ailment amongst runners? AdventHealth Physical Therapist, Justin Hess breaks down a few of the most effective stretches to overcome it! Don't let aches and pains keep you from feeling your best.