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Orlando, FL
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Smile Mile Virtual

About the Event

Smile Mile is a mile run just for elementary school kids ages 5-12. 

Track Shack encourages everyone to create your own at-home or at school running experience with your children and share the experience with us. Young runners will receive a t-shirt, medal and bib!

Coach "Sly" Johnson Largest Team Award

In honor of a dedicated coach and father who motivated so many young runners, the Coach “Sly” Johnson Participation Award goes to one school from each county with the most runners participating! To qualify a school must have a minimum of 25 runners participating.  School counts will be based upon registrations received by Friday, March 26th. A $500 grant and plaque will be awarded to the winning schools.


Saturday, March 27, 2021

Entry Fees

Processing fees will apply.

$8  Through March 14
$11 March 15 - March 26

How to Participate

1. Register your child.  Be sure to indicate your child’s school for the largest team award.

2. Print out the training guide!

3. Pick up your child's t-shirt, bib and medal at Track Shack or have it shipped straight to you for just $3 (per household)! 

4. On Saturday, March 27, 2021, wear the shirt and bib, then go outside and do something for a mile: Run a mile, walk a mile, bike for a mile, or skateboard for a mile... you get the idea! 

5. Take a photo or video doing the mile and share it on social media, tag 
@OrlandoTrackShack on Instagram
TrackShackRun on Facebook 

Use the hashtags #TrackShackSmiles #TrackShackVirtual to be featured on Track Shack’s email or social media!

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