Watermelon Eating Contest Rules

3 male and 3 female contestants will compete against each other at the same time. The object is to finish a set amount of watermelon, within the 3 minute time limit. Contestants will have 3 minutes to finish their slice. At the end of the time limit the first male and first female to eat the most watermelon will be declared the King and Queen. Or the first male and first female to finish their entire watermelon prior to 3 minutes will be declared the King and Queen. Any style of eating is allowed as long as the watermelon is consumed. Any competitor who, prior to the declaration of a winner , “suffers urges contrary to swallowing” is immediately disqualified. Meaning, if you regurgitate or spit up, you’re ejected from the competition. Contestants must not touch any part of watermelon and hands must be behind their back during the contest. Completion of watermelon to be decided by judge(s), not the contestant. Judge(s) will be on hand to assure adherence to the contest rules and to time constraints. The top male and female to consume the most amount of watermelon within the 3 minutes of the start signal will be declared winners. In the event of a tie, those contestants will participate in a sudden death round of eating.