I mentioned before that I am a sweater.  I know this sounds gross, but I do.  I would like to say that I actually glow, as some women do, but I can't.  So, here it is in the middle of July, almost August, and even an hour run has me dripping all over the kitchen floor.  I can't even consider stretching after a summer run until after a shower. 
After a bout with skin cancer on my nose, I'm really, really good about wearing sunscreen.  Even when I run at the crack of dawn.  Something to consider though, is where not to put it.  Do not put sunscreen above your eyes, your forehead can be covered by a visor but if you put sunscreen there, be prepared for burning eyes!  It is just the worst! 
Today I decided to be smart.  I decided to carry a napkin with me to wipe my sweat.  After less than an hour, that Dixie napkin was soaked!  So Wednesday I will be trying a Bounty towel.  I had success once on a 20 miler with Bounty.  I'll let you know :)


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