Get the New Track Shack IPhone App Today!

Life is busier than ever. Thank goodness technology keeps getting better. Technology gives us a fighting chance to accomplish a sliver of what we set our sights on. Speaking of technology (wink, wink ;), we are excited to introduce the new TrackShack app. Yah, an app! The Apple platform app focuses on quickly finding event info. We all could use a little assistance to keep us motivated. The Track Shack app will send reminders about newly added events, price breaks, and an important event details. The little reminders could be all you need to lace up and pound the pavement!

Here’s what to look for:

•    'Star' your favorite events from Track Shack. Remembering to register just got easier!
•    Receive notifications from Track Shack. No more checking the website to find out when the next race is added.
•    Quick access to event information: upcoming schedule, directions and results
•    ‘Share’ feature is an easy way to tell the world (via Facebook and Twitter) that you use the Track Shack app.

If you get antsy and want more choices, try the ‘Filter’ function. A word of caution, be patient. The filter can be helpful if you’re looking for specific events such as ‘In-Store’ events only, or if you are bringing your little one and want to know which events have ‘Kid’s Races’. The ‘Regional’ events list is also included. Wow! Let me warn you there are a ton of races listed in the regional filter.

A big thanks goes out to the mobile app pros at Echo Interactive, that have helped improve our technology offerings. If you have specific feedback, please let us know below!

“Well presented, simple and allows me to see all the races.  Very easy to register for a race.  And really like the direct access to the results, even dating back to 2002!”   -Mark C.

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