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Yesterday I realized I had not written a blog recently.  I usually think about what I might write when I'm running.  In fact, my brain goes a mile a minute when I'm running, even though my body doesn't.  I came home and knew what I wanted to share. Because I like to make sure topics are relevant to everyone, sometimes it takes me awhile :)  Today I'm sharing about shoes, but first, I want to mention two things I read and heard today.  Both were other people's blogs and they were so right up my alley.  One was about doing some yoga before going to bed and how that can help you sleep.  I loved reading that because I often share with customers how important it is to stretch for just a few minutes at night.  It was nice to read that others feel the same as me.  The second was an NPR blog about the importance of choosing your coffee mug in the morning.  I thought I was the only one who thought twice about my mug in the morning! How fun!

So, back to shoes.  Often at Track Shack we are asked about our thoughts regarding wearing the same shoe for running and working.  Our answer is always the same.  You should definitely save your running shoe for just that.  In fact, I find I need a different work shoe than I need in a running shoe.  My running shoes are far more cushioned.  I have found in my 30 something years of retail and events (which means a lot of standing!) it is necessary for my work shoe to be firmer.  We wear our shoes so differently standing vs running or walking.  I know for some this isn't always financially feasible but it really is very important.  The other day I mentioned to an injured customer that she should  wear her running shoes all day instead of flip flops as her foot heals.  Her eyes got wide and she was so surprised that I suggested that because we always encourage saving your running shoes for just running. I told her in this case, it was allowed :) 

See you on the roads,


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