A letter to my nephew...

Dear Tony,

Tonight was our annual Ladies Night at Track Shack.  Each year we raise literally thousands of dollars for cancer.  Tonight was no exception.  It was pretty awesome, wish Judy could have been here.  Not you, of course, guys are excluded – though Jon takes all our male staff to pizza at Mellow Mushroom.  You would have loved that.  Your Uncle Jon is a great host!  He even comes back with some of the guys to help us wimpy women clean up after Ladies Night. 

We talked a little about this crummy disease, cancer.  I have a microphone in my hand most of the night encouraging ladies to stay fit, be fit, and spend money on raffle tickets to support our cause.  But tonight, my eyes were puffy.  I even asked for help today from friends on eye make-up.  Thanks for making me cry last night.  I was pretending our chat about your stupid new tumors made me sad, not cry.  But I was a mess.  Thankfully Jon was there too, hearing your news.  I think I slept okay after our chat last night, but man, were my eyes puffy today.  (PS: icing your eyelids does not work as well as you would hope.)

God and I have a pretty great relationship.  But lately, I’m getting frustrated.  I just don’t get it.  You should not have cancer.  You are an athlete, a husband, a daddy, and my nephew and godson.  So, it just doesn’t seem fair.  I’m a little mad at God.  Still, we pray for your healing every day.  We pray for Judy, the most awesome woman you could possibly be married to, and for little Mia…too precious for words. Your positive attitude does help, Tony.  Everyday new discoveries are made and people are cured.  The money we raised tonight makes a difference and I really do pray it will one day help heal you.  I love you…Aunt Betsy

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Kit Mackenzie
[Hendersonville NC] • Wednesday October 16, 2013, 5:43 pm

Dear Betsy & Jon, Way to go, now I'm in tears. Luckily I read this after I finished for the day. We talked before your and Jon's trip out to see Tony, Judy, and Mia. Continue your good job toward Cancer awareness and fundraising. It's never fair and always affects families harshly. God bless you for your tenacity in all you do. There are so many fond memories of Tony and his energized positive attitude, even when he was growing up with many daily life challenges. He faced them and excelled in his endeavors. Please pass this on to him, and get his email address to me. I read your website often, though you probably don't know this. My love and respect for you two grows with the passing years. With much love, K. Mackenzie