IOA Corporate 5k Team Spotlight: accesso

With 700 Corporate 5k teams annually, have you ever wondered who signs up first? Within 12 hours of the 2020 IOA Corporate 5k registration opening, accesso, an international technology company, had signed up and confirmed their team tent. John Patterson, the team captain, told us a little about their company and Corporate 5k culture!

TSE: How many years has accesso participated in the IOA Corporate 5k?
JP: We have participated in the Corporate 5k since 2016.

TSE: Does your team reserve a tent every year?
JP: accesso has reserved a tent every year since 2017. It’s great to have a common space for all of our team members to come together before and after the race. It helps promote the race to our employees when they know they will be able to find their friends and coworkers.

TSE: How many years have you been team captain?
JP: I have been the team captain for accesso for four years. I was also the team captain for several years at my last company. Clearly, this event is something I believe in!

TSE: Do you cater your companies team, what is your teams favorite food/ caterer?
JP: We have not used a caterer so far. We provide drinks and snacks along with sandwich platters from Publix.

TSE: In 2019, accesso placed 2nd in the coed division for the "Communication/Electronics/Computers" industry; is competition is an important part of the company’s participation?
JP: I think friendly competition is definitely part of the accesso culture, both professionally and individually. We have some very dedicated, long-term runners with our company, so there is always a race to see who comes in first each year for our team and we always want to improve against other teams. We were also very proud to win the T Shirt Design contest in 2017 and we look forward to taking back our crown in 2020!

TSE: Tell us a little about accesso.
JP: At accesso, we understand that technology is a critical component to our clients’ success and the happiness of their guests. No business should have to settle for technology that creates more issues than it solves! Technology should be the solution, not the problem. Our clients need powerful technology solutions to grow their businesses and create connected guest experiences – and accesso delivers! That’s why over 1,000 venues in 30 countries have chosen to partner with us. Our patented and award-winning solutions drive increased revenue for attraction operators, improving the guest experience while helping our clients streamline operations and harness the power of data to educate business and marketing decisions. 

Our largest office is in Lake Mary, with over 200 employees, but we have 8 other offices as well as a large team of remote employees spread across the world. 

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