A new pair of Hughes

Weddings are such fun to anticipate, especially when it is your own family.  Our son, Chris is getting married in seven weeks!  It seems like yesterday when he told us he was going to ask Allie to be his wife :) That was last November and at the time I thought planning a wedding for a year was forever...and now its almost here!  Wedding festivities have started and Saturday was a small bridal shower for Allie with her bridesmaids and  family.  Emma came home for the weekend and she and I started the day with a run together :)  We left early for the shower just in case... 

Jon was driving the Miss Daisy's; our moms.  How lucky are we that his mom and mine are great friends at 88 and 87 years respectively? It would be the first time they met Allie's mom, and the first time for me to meet Allie's grandmoms, aunts and cousins.  It was a fun and lively gathering and so exciting to meet everyone.  

Chris and Allie met at Track Shack when he was helping her pick out some on the run nutrition.  It has been to fun to watch them grow together and get to know Allie.  The two of them and Jon often run together...Their wedding theme?  A new pair of Hughes :) 

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