Benefits of Massage for Runners

Research shows that massage therapy can be a great addition to the runner’s regimen for maintaining their body’s physical health and maintenance. Whether a marathon runner or a weekend jogger, massage has proven beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

Physiological and Psychological Benefits of Massage for Runners:

• Increases supply of nutrients and oxygen to muscles by achieving better circulation.
• Decreases tension and soreness in hyper-toned muscles, caused by overuse.
• Helps increase range of motion and flexibility resulting in improved performance.
• Improves lymphatic flow aiding in healing process.
• Helps runner reach optimal performance, through injury-free training.
• Breaks up scar tissue and adhesions within muscles and surrounding tissues.
• Shortens recovery time between workouts.
• Helps relax the mind, improving overall sense of well-being.
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