Running Day

No one could have possibly considered a day that catered to "running" in the mid 70's when Jon and I started running.  It is so exciting to keep seeing promotions for National Running Day, this Wednesday.  The Winter Park Dawgs, the Orlando Runners Club and of course, Track Shack are all hosting runs that day.  We are constantly amazed how mainstreamed running has become.  

It was like old home week at the store on Saturday.  Chris and Jon were there preparing for the Gliders meet and a special tribute to one of our all time favorite coaches, Ted Benz.  Susan and Laura were hosting a question and answer session for potential new marathoners for the up coming programs; plus both had meetings for our awesome group leaders!  It was like Cheers in a way, except instead of a bar, we were all at Track Shack on a Saturday morning.  

I met a young lady who'll be running cross country at Winter Park this fall.  I mentioned to her that Jon and I ran there as well and let her know that those teammates will be her friends for life.  Running is a magnet to our everyday life, it truly is mainstream now, there is a group, a program, a team...something for everyone.  How so wonderful to share that with our running community each day.  Hope to see you on the roads, my friends, at a run on National Running Day!  


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