Time in a Bottle

Years ago, my sister gave me a bottle; a bottle with just “extra time” inside. I thought it was cute, however unusual. It sits on my dresser and today I realized, wow, “that’s just want I need.” Time. This year has been filled with business decisions, with anniversaries, like Track Shack’s 40th, with travel, with family obligations and of course, the excitement of a grandbaby in October. Personally, it was also filled with running goals for both Jon and me that weren’t realized due to injuries. So, maybe I just need some time?

I think the saying is “no rest for the weary.” The momentum of the year continues! Forty years down, forty to go! Never one to rest on our laurels (and it’s been a year of sweet accolades,) Track Shack is moving forward planning for the second half of 2017. It is flying by and we are now gearing up for some of our biggest events including the updated Battle of the Bands 5k, the UCF 5 miler and one of the oldest half marathons in the Southeast, the
OUC Orlando Half on December 2nd. It seems as though the 40th anniversary of the half marathon was just a minute ago. Our staff has created some great apparel ideas using the Brooks clothing line and our Run Orlando slogan. This event is one many local runners look forward to and many of our Marathonfesters plan running each year. Coach Susan Paul continues leading our training programs and consistently sees many participants PR (personal record) every season. 

Our training programs have grown since January when were-introduced our
Zero to Fit program for our newer walkers/runners. We just started our third 10 week program for 2017 and will have another session beginning in October to finish the year. It’s hard to imagine that we’ll be thinking of next year’s goals in the very near future. All our coaches encourage each and every participant in the many programs we have including our young Cheetahs’! Coach Dave, in his 70’s, can still outrun some of those kids! Our coaches are the lifeline of the training programs and we appreciate them very much!

October is bound to be a timeless month. Our daughter Emma (pictured with husband Will at Celebration of Running 5k) is due with her first baby and Jon and I are so excited about our new season; grand parenting. Of course the running stroller has already been purchased! Almost mommy, dad and baby-to-be all participated in Celebration of Running 5k in August when we celebrated the store’s 40th anniversary. Our kids truly grew up in the running world. Our son Chris,  uncle–to–be, is now managing the retail side of Track Shack. Besides our monthly Good Form Running clinic he teaches, we have a launch party October 5 for January’s
Lady Track Shack 5k. The third Running Series’ event, the U Can Finish 5 mile and 2 mile at UCF is the last Sunday of October. It is also a big month for new shoe updates as well. Since shoes literally update yearly, this keeps us on our toes and on the run…

Hopefully you’ve been by Track Shack recently, maybe for the sale before the big 40th anniversary. If so, you may have noticed some new colors and signage featuring the
Track Shack Youth Foundation. The addition of the word “youth” is key because since 1994, our running events have produced proceeds for the Foundation which the board of directors use to distribute grants to area youth organizations. Since day one, it’s always been the Foundation’s mission to focus on the younger community. Central Florida has always been home for Jon and me and it’s key to start planting seeds of fitness early on as we keep Orlando fit and healthy. In this issue of the Start Line, some of our local coaches share their successes thanks to the Track Shack Youth Foundation. 

That extra time in a bottle is my reminder that I choose how to spend each moment each day. I like busy, but I do remember to catch my breath sometimes because I know that’s how I’ll get through tomorrow’s busyness.

See you on the roads!


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