Brittany Battles to Startline Cover

You’ve probably noticed that the cover of the latest Startline is showcasing quite the action shot. Who could pull off such a maneuver at the end of a 5.2k? Probably have to be a gymnast or stunt person to avoid the uncoordinated trip and fall most runners would experience. Probably has some epic name, too – people like that always do.

Correct on both accounts! Our showcase athlete is a stuntwoman, and is the proud owner of the epic given name Brittany Battle. The race and the finishing move, however, were not in their first cut.

Brittany has been running since her high school days at Bishop Moore when she was part of the school’s track team. Though her “real life” profession in the stunt world put a bit of a damper on her running for a while, Brittany returned to long races recently in running her first half marathon at the runDisney Princess Half Marathon.

More recently Brittany battled her way through the inaugural Dopey Challenge during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. In sticking with the runDisney races and the Track Shack Series she’s also been getting a lot of her favorite thing: race swag! Brittany says that at the end of it all, when she looks deep at her motivation, she really “does it for the swag.”
Oh, and that jump across the line? Just like a Mortal Kombat character Brittany lists it as her “finisher;” her signature, race ending move. Keep your eyes out for this medal chasing road warrior this week at the Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5.2k as she joins the rest of us on the roads to finish off a special distance PR!

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