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6:15 PM

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Orlando, FL
SimplyIOA Corporate 5k

How to Participate in the Virtual 5k

1. Together

• Virtual participants will use Real-Time Remote Racing through the Track Shack Timing & Tracking APP (RTRT) between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm on September 30. Registered participants will receive an email to download the app and claim their account. Must be registered by noon on Wednesday, September 30 to use this functionality. 

•  Through the Track Shack Timing & Tracking APP (RTRT), participants will be able to track other virtual participants while receiving real-time data. This technology will also allow runners and walkers to visually experience the actual IOA Corporate 5k course map.

•  To be included in the official team results, virtual participants must submit their time to the team captain before the deadline to submit team results (Noon on Monday, October 4). 

2. On Your Own

Run or walk anytime. Email your results to your team captain by 11:59 pm on October 3. Include first, last name and finish time from your watch.

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