Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to our Central Florida running community!  We look forward to seeing you during 2015, on the roads, at Track Shack and of course at the events!  

This past holiday season we chose to open Sundays to help customers as they shopped for the holidays. We were also trying an experiment; should we, after 37 years, continue Sunday hours?  It wasn't a hard decision and although Jon and I asked numerous people their opinions, including staff, friends and customers, we knew in our hearts that Sunday is "our" day, and we have decided to continue the tradition of closing on Sundays.  Years ago, our minister gave a sermon on the importance of having that family day...it worked for us as we raised our family and we hope this will be that special day for our staff and for you.  We thank you for your continued support at Track Shack.  We love our community here, we are very fortunate...

See you on the roads,


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