Customer of the Month- January

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January Topic:

What is the best meal you recommend before a race? Deadline: December 19.

December Topic and Winner:

Spectator signs can be motivational, heartfelt, sometimes tacky or just outright entertaining.  They can cheer on a family member with love or tell you that your legs look great but you don’t need those toenails, that Macy’s does a better parade or that this is a long way to go for a banana.

Olivia Henson shared that her favorite spectator sign was seen during a half marathon course.  It read “On a Scale of 1-10, You’re a 13.1!”   

Spectator signs whether on a 5k or a marathon keep runner spirits going, bringing a smile, a laugh, an encouraging word, and you never know who might need it.  So runners, encourage your family and friends to make signs.  And spectators, bring appropriate signs to cheer on your runners and walkers toward the finish line.  See you on the roads!

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