Run IN to Track Shack on Sundays, November 2!

All of us in Central Florida look forward to the fall and cooler weather.  Our runs and walks become more enjoyable when the humidity drops even just 10 or 15 percent.  The event season picks up pace and many of us are traveling to races.  Our Track Shack Running Series gets underway and the store stays busy keeping our runners healthy and on the roads.  Cross country season has hundreds of young people racing every week!  It is an exciting time to be in Florida.  

In 1977, Track Shack opened its door for business to serve the Central Florida running and walking community.  Store hours have been just six days a week since then, and now 37 years later we think it’s time for a change.

We are excited to announce that we will be open Sundays from noon until 4 pm beginning November 2nd.  We hope to help those customers who work in the service industry or the family busy with children and sports by having an extra day to stop by Track Shack and get our awesome customer service!  This is a big step for us and hopes you’ll take it with us!  See you on the roads!

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