How to Get Properly Fit for Running or Walking Shoes

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We are all unique and that goes for our feet as well.  Consider the following when looking for athletic shoes: 

  • Go to a specialty athletic shoe store, like Track Shack for a shoe fitting

  • The salesperson should ask questions before the fitting process begins:
    • Is this a shoe you plan to exercise in, or just wear for comfort?
    • Do you experience foot pain in the morning or during exercise?
    • Describe any chronic pain you may have
    • Bring your current shoes and socks – socks ensure an accurate fit and if necessary the salesperson can recommend a pair

  • Be prepared for a short evaluation while barefoot:
    • Standing straight
    • Squatting or bending you knees
    • Standing on one foot
    • Walking barefoot
  • The salesperson is looking at many things:
    • Your arch height and strength (this can change with age and exercise)
    • Hip rotation
    • Foot shape and volume of foot 
    • How your foot strikes the floor 
    • Both feet are measured for correct size and width

Technical athletic shoes are made in three basic categories:  neutral/cushioned, stability and motion control. Athletic shoes are designed to create less impact as your foot strikes the ground.  Velcro shoes often don’t offer enough support.  Running shoes are made with a mesh upper for breathability and typically a walking shoe is leather; athletic shoes have a strong heel counter and a fairly flexible forefoot. The salesperson will bring out several styles.  Customers are taught to lace them correctly and we suggest that there is enough room to wiggle their toes.  These shoes don’t stretch and should fit properly and comfortably before leaving the store.  Don’t ever rush a purchase and remember to use your new shoes with confidence and enjoyment!

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Eric Kelly
[Winter springs FL] • Wednesday September 10, 2014, 10:52 pm

My latest visit to Track Shack for running shoes was an absolute pleasure! First of all, the staff couldn't be more kind and helpful. I was immediately greeted and assisted in my search for a pair of light weight trainer's and racing flats. I ended up with a pair of Saucony Kinvara 5's and Saucony Fastwitch 6's which have been awesome by the way! The staff person who helped me narrow down my choices and ultimately decide on the perfect shoe (for me) was very knowledgeable and very patient as I tried several different pairs. All in all the experience was easily the most pleasant I've had shopping period let a lone for just running related gear. The folks at Track Shack are top notch and really passionate about what they do. Most of them are runners them selves so they really know what they're talking about. Oh and one last thing, Track Shack has many items (running shoe's, clothing, gear, etc..) that you will not find at the big chain stores. It's very apparent that they keep up with all the latest trends. Anyways I know I must sound like a Track Shack employee but I'm not. I'm just really impressed with what a great overall experience Track Shack provides the running community. Seriously don't hesitate to make a trip you'll be glad you did.

[Orlando FL] • Wednesday September 10, 2014, 2:03 pm

I was disappointed when I went to Track Shack for getting fitted for my running shoes. I bought my first Brooks from Track Shack and after about 8 / 9 months in it and as I started running longer distances, I started feeling a pain in my right calf muscle. I went back to Track Shack to see if there was a better shoe (or insert) that might help me with the issue and they didn't evaluate me like what this article describes. I then went to Finish Line and they took a video of my stride and showed me how my right foot pronated while my left foot did not. I wish Track Shack did a better analysis of my strides being a specialty running store, since I have purchased 3 pairs of running shoes from them and the shoes are not inexpensive.