Customer of the Month- October

Tell us about your experiences! That's all it takes to be the Adidas Customer of the Month. 

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October Topic:

When you just can’t skip the workout, how to do you beat the heat? Deadline: September 22nd.

September Topic and Winner:

Everyone has a story.  Each of you honors us with your story of what inspires you to run.

You volunteered for a race and saw the passion in those runners’ eyes and said I can do this too.  Your grandson needed a buddy and at the age of 63, you did your first 5k in the summer heat.  It’s amazing what love for children can do.  A child is sick and medical bills are high, so your recent interest in running turns to creating virtual runs and finding your inspiration.  It’s a friend whose running endeavors challenge you to try your own.  It’s finding a running group where you feel like you belong.  It’s a coach, an older friend, a professor, a mentor, who inspires you to get in shape or take training to a different level, and you reach heights you never dreamed, whether becoming a lifelong runner or an Ironman.  It’s running a race to honor a father who did the same race 20 years earlier while he’s now cheering you on.  It’s running for those who cannot run.   

The winner of the September Customer of the Month is Stefanie Shimansky.  Stefanie states that you might see her at a Track Shack race wearing a shirt that reads “I Run for Those Who Fly Beside Me.”  She doesn’t always love running and she’s not the fastest, but she gets up early and goes running motivated by those who no longer can participate in the race.  Her life was touched by two individuals: Kellie, her sister, who was perfectly healthy at 18 then passed away unexpectedly with no known cause.  The other is her best friend, Katie, who passed away in a car accident at age 19.  She knows that when she is tired or wants to quit, she has two angels with her and it helps her finish the race.  She started running at the U Can Finish 2 Miler and felt that she really struggled; she has continued to push herself to new paces in the last couple of years and plans to complete a half every month this year and even go for Dopey in 2015. 

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Jennifer Jimenez
[Orlando FL] • Tuesday September 9, 2014, 12:59 pm

Running late at night near a water source with a good breeze is always preferable to running on a treadmill, for me =)

Amy Calandrino
[Orlando FL] • Monday September 8, 2014, 1:22 pm

I began my half-marathon training on August 5 so I've had to battle the heat. The OUC Half will be my FIRST half! I've beat the heat by remembering that my prep the day or two before will greatly impact my performance and endurance. So, I'm very careful to hydrate and watch my nutrition throughout my training. Also, I train before 9 am or after 5:30 pm -- never in the heat of the day. It only took one 9:30 am run to realize that it's just too hot! However, even early morning or evening runs are difficult if you aren't hydrated and prepared. I carry water so I can sip every couple miles on my Sunday morning long runs. After an evening run, I will treat myself to a refreshing beer which is the BEST part. I've earned it after all.