Brooks Launch 8 and Launch GTS 8

By Chris Hughes, Director of Retail Operations at Track Shack


If you have worn and enjoyed the Brooks Launch in the past then this newest iteration should be a favorite for you as well. At 7.9oz for women and 8.6oz for men, it is the lightweight, performance neutral trainer it has always been. This is a shoe that works great as an everyday trainer for someone running low to medium mileage volume and who prefers a lighter, more responsive ride. It can also function as a racing shoe (particularly for longer distances) for someone who is used to training in something heavier. 


The biggest change on the Launch 8 from Launch 7 is the use of “Air Mesh” a new upper material from Brooks that allows for increased ventilation as well as a more secure fit! For those who loved the Launch 7, don’t fret, this change is minimal and in my opinion an improvement but all in all this is still the same lightweight, 10mm offset neutral trainer you have come to love.


The Launch GTS 8 won’t take too long to explain…copy everything from above BUT add guiderails! Guiderails provide increased stability on both the lateral and medial edge of the shoe so if you pronate slightly or have flexible ankles, you can get the lightweight and performance benefits of the Launch with some additional stability. The guiderails are the only difference between the Launch 8 and Launch GTS 8, though they do run the weight up slightly to 8.1oz for women and 8.8oz for men. If you have previously worn the Brooks Ravenna and liked it, this is the shoe for you! The past few Ravennas have actually been the same exact shoe as the Launch but with the addition of guiderails. So while the Launch GTS 8 name is new, the shoe is essentially the update to the Ravenna, Brooks has just decided to use the Launch name for both, with GTS signifying the stability version of the shoe. Fun fact: GTS is short for “Go To Support!”

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