Make Time for Family

By Betsy Hughes, co-owner of Track Shack

Christmas in 2020 may look and feel different for many, but we’ll still be celebrating. This special day represents so much but most of all the day we celebrate Christ’s birth. 

After nine very challenging months this holiday means more than ever; with the vaccine here and the pandemic hopefully settling down in 2021, we are all ready to be with family and celebrate life. 

So much changed in our Track Shack family when we closed for seven weeks; March through the beginning of May.  It was a time of unknowns and thankfully little by little the running world now is seeing some normalcy. Our store hours have been reduced, the store is set up a little differently for social distancing and on busy days we even have a greeter!  Until just two weeks ago we had not produced a physical run/walk event since March 7! 

Because of this crazy, odd year of uncertainty, several months ago Jon and I decided to really change things up this Christmas season. This year Christmas day falls on a Friday and because family is so very important, we have decided not to re-open the next day, Saturday, December 26; otherwise known as Boxing day. This will give our staff a three day holiday, something we can all use now and then. 

So come by with those gift cards you received in your Christmas stocking or as a Hanukkah gift on Monday, December 28!  We’ll open our doors at 10 am, refreshed and ready to help you with your running needs the last week of 2020! 

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