Remembering Wendy Chioji

By Betsy Hughes, co-owner of Track Shack

This has been the year of recognizing heroes…our health care workers, our military and fire fighters and our police force.  But often there are other heroes in our lives as well including our friends and family, those with an illness, perhaps cancer, fighting for their lives every day.  Wendy Chioji was and continues to be a hero in my life.  Last October she passed away after fighting cancer and boy, did she fight, for many years. 

Wendy shared her entire experience with her friends, her Central Florida community, through her writings and it was incredible.  We were cheering for her right to the very end. It’s only been a year and her passing is still so fresh. (Wendy pictured at the CNL Bank Winter Park Road Race 10k 2008.)

Wendy passed away just a couple weeks before her birthday last October.  So this year we invite you to celebrate her birthday with us on October 20, 2020.  If you are reading this then I bet, like me you start most days with a run, a walk or maybe a bike ride.  Maybe it’s a swim after work but whatever it is, keep Wendy in your heart and thoughts on October 20. We are calling that day “ChiojiFest” because we are celebrating Wendy’s life…maybe next year when the pandemic is over (and it will be one day) we’ll be able to celebrate together. 

See you on the roads with a smile in your heart.

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