SimplyIOA Insurance Tip: 5 Questions to ask when buying auto insurance

Having a friend walk you through the steps of buying insurance is helpful. Our IOA Corporate 5k partners at SimplyIOA help simplify the process!

Before you start comparing auto insurance quotes, ask yourself how important is your car to you and how essential is it to ensure you buy the right level of coverage for your lifestyle and budget. Here are 5 questions that SimplyIOA suggests you ask before purchasing. 

1. How much do you love your car?

56% of Americans name their car. We take pride in our vehicles, we get annoyed when we ding the body or scratch a wheel. To keep it in its best condition, SimplyIOA is here to help you secure the best level of insurance. This means breaking down coverage, collision, comprehensive, glass coverage, and even key damage to make sure you’re properly covered. Having the correct level of coverage allows you to drive with peace of mind, knowing that you will always have a way home. 

2. How many miles do you drive in a year?

Driving a short distance can work to your advantage. A "low-mileage" driver is considered someone who drives between 0 and 7,500 miles per year. When recieving a car insurance quote, you will be rated at the standard average annual mileage of 12,000. Adjust your mileage if you fall under this threshold. You may be eligible for savings! 

3. Who else will be driving the car?

If there other drivers in your household, such as your partner, spouse, or child, they should be listed on your policy to ensure they are covered correctly when they need to borrow your vehicle.

4. What are your legal obligations?

Legal obligations vary from state to state. Florida requires that you carry minimum liability auto insurance. The level of coverage for minimum liability are very low and if you are involved in an accident with just the minimum coverage, you may put yourself at risk of legal action. Depending on your assets and financial status, SimplyIOA suggests the consideration of purchasing higher levels of liability coverage. 

5. Is your car financed or leased?

If you finance your vehicle or have to return it in good condition when a lease expires, you'll be required to insure the car for its full value—and even for any gap between what you owe and the car's market value. Collision and comprehensive policies will cover damage to your vehicle—and supplemental gap insurance will cover the remaining amount.

The world of insurance is complex, difficult, and time-consuming, which is why we have developed SimplyIOA. With SimplyIOA you can compare, quote, and buy auto insurance online within minutes at any time from any device. 

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