Adapting to 2020 With A Smile!

By Betsy Hughes, co-owner of Track Shack

It was a happy day in May when we re-opened Track Shack after almost seven weeks. We worked hard to make sure our cleaning and safety protocol was in place to ensure our health and our customers. Without you Track Shack would not have celebrated 43 years of keeping Central Florida fit and healthy this year.   

Yes, we do require our customers and staff to wear masks/face coverings and there are no “ifs and our buts about it.” We have gone above and beyond CDC protocols and enforced this prior to Orange County mandating it.  And, thank goodness for our community leaders who put health and safety above all else. Thank you…

No, we don’t think it’s necessary to exercise with a mask. Being outside makes a world of difference but we do encourage social distancing within any small group that gathers. We encourage common sense. This may mean you step off the sidewalk when a runner/walker comes toward you.  I often end up in the street myself for a block or two and sometimes have to move onto the grass. Most runners/walkers are very gracious about moving aside. 

Just as we worked to create a safe environment at the store we are in the midst of creating a protocol for when our events again take place physically. We miss these events as much as you do!  We will be requiring masks up until the time you start the race and after finishing as you cool down in the staging area. Keep an eye on your emails as we look toward the new normal of our events and we can’t wait to see you. 

Until then, grab your mask and stop by Track Shack! We are open for business!  We have rearranged our shoe fitting areas for your health and ours. And remember, shoes and feet are our business but people are our specialty! 

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