Fall Training Tips

From Ann Allen Oviedo / Winter Springs neighborhood Running REALTOR® 

Find your virtual tribe and train! It’s not too late to start training for the UCF 5 Mile or the 2 Mile Virtual race. Run with a friend in your neighborhood or meet up at the trail heads listed below. Keep accountability by sending a photo to your training partner at the end of each training run, post on Instagram or Facebook use hash tags #TrackShackrunner #UCF5MileVirtual #UCF2MileVirtual

See and be seen.  

Yes, the days are getting shorter and that means your morning and evening runs will likely start or end in the dark. It’s important to make sure you’re visible to traffic and people. Reflective apparel and blinking lights are available at Track Shack

Check your shoes

Everyon is different, but a common rule of thumb is to change your running shoes every 250 - 500 miles, according to Track Shack owner Betsy Hughes. Not sure if your shoes are still in good shape? Bring them by Track Shack and have the staff take a look at them to determine how much life is left. They accept gently worn sneakers to donate back to the community!

Keep on hydrating. 

Even though it’s not as hot out there you can’t skimp on hydration. While we do sweat less in cooler temperatures, your body still needs water to remain hydrated.

Shake up your route. 

Fall is a time of change, the leaves may not change here but our mindset does (mmm, pumpkin spice). It’s a good time to check out new running trails or routes in our area. We’re fortunate in Seminole County to have so many awesome areas to run. Not sure where to go? Check out my favorite places to get in the miles.

Ann’s favorite Oviedo & Winter Springs Training Trails

Cross Seminole Trail - Black Hammock Trail Head
Oviedo on the Park – Lake loop
Central Winds Park

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