Team Spotlight: FINFROCK

Local design-builder FINFROCK has been constructing a culture of wellness at their Apopka headquarters. We caught up with their digital marketing coordinator Melissa Mitchum, and team captains Travis Henriques and Audrey Reyes for an update on training together for the IOA Corporate 5k during a pandemic.

Q: How long has FINFROCK been participating in the IOA Corporate 5k?
A: We’ve been participating with an organized team for the past 5 years. This year, our theme is “Runners on Deck” because it alludes to our DualDeck® technology that we use to construct our buildings. 

Q: In March we saw on Twitter that the team (and their dogs) were training together for the April IOA Corporate 5k.  Share how that got started.   
A: Sadie (right) and Ollie (left) met at the training sessions for the IOA 5k. Sadie is a naturally athletic dog, running with her owner Daniel Kellner. Ollie is a naturally anxious dog, walking / attempting to run with his short legs with his owner Audrey Reyes. As a way for the dogs to let go of their natural energy and since we’re training with both beginner and advanced runners, we encouraged everyone to do what felt natural to them. This, in turn, encouraged people to bring their dogs. While Sadie ran 3-5 miles with Daniel, Ollie struggled to keep up with Audrey – but would occasionally run whenever he saw other dogs / team members from FINFROCK on the trail. Everyone seems to love the dogs coming out on Saturday mornings! 

Q: Are there any unique ways FINFROCK has found to keep the workplace wellness hype going during this physically distant season?
A: We’ve been encouraging everyone to stay healthy and active while maintaining social distancing requirements by uploading fun and challenging at-home workout videos on our company intranet. Adding to the hype even more is our FHIT (FINFROCK Healthy Ideas Team) incentive program – employees log their weekly workouts each quarter and are compensated with a small bonus if they reach their target goals. 

Q: Is Team FINFROCK planning to participate in the October IOA Corporate 5k?
A: Absolutely! This year will be our largest group yet with over 60 runners already signed up. 

Q: We could all use some good news right now.  Share something good happening at FINFROCK right now.
A: This fall marks FINFROCK’s 75th anniversary as a company! Over the years we’ve gone from building concrete power lines to full-fledged parking garages, hotels and multi-unit residential buildings so we’re excited for what the future has in store. We have a couple of projects being built in downtown Orlando right now so it will be rewarding to run by the sites during the 5k and say “Hey, that’s something we helped create.”

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