Flatten the Curve and Maybe Our Tummies Too!

It’s a whole new world out there; our new normal. We so appreciate the many kudos and well wishes we’ve received from the community concerning closing Track Shack when we did on March 16th.  It was not an easy decision, but we felt led to start the trend to isolate us to begin “flattening the curve.” A new term for not just our generation but every single one! That’s 45 staff and their families between the store and our event company. We needed to do our part and are glad we did. Thank you for understanding and for your support.

These first 10 days, we’ve learned about Zoom and video conferencing; we’ve postponed running events, cancelled our in-store classes and events and quickly created a 100% virtual component for our annual Smile Mile. We’ve postponed shoe orders and wish we could literally start counting down the days to seeing you, our customers and friends again in the store. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet. But we are seeing many of you and even newbies out exercising! I love being home and watching so many families ride or walk by. Although our training programs are on hold I know each and every one of you is out there in small groups keeping six feet apart or like me running on my own and sometimes with a friend J

What else? Well, Publix really has been a pleasure for me as I shop for Jon and me, my 91- year- old mom and Jon’s 92 -year -old parents! No, I haven’t found toilet paper, but we seem fine so far on that “end.” J Jon and I are enjoying three meals together every day now and he’s doing the kitchen dishes more than ever! Thanks, honey! We celebrated my mom’s birthday this week on her back porch with our son Chris and sweet Audrey – keeping our distance, enjoying a nice wine and mom waving the candles out rather than blowing on them. Last year mom walked the Winter Park Road Race 2 mile on her 90th with our entire family…this year the party was smaller but special indeed. 

I’m pretty proud of my foam rolling and the stretching I normally do. But now, I’m spending even more time doing that and even doing the MarathonFest 30-day challenge! My abs were so sore that first day! When my knee was bothering me on a run, I actually took time to figure out my arches were super tight, worked on stretching them and miraculously my knee was better on my next run! Our new normal has given us more time to focus on ourselves and each other. We are still working hard but it’s a different work. Jon and I have daily conversations on every work topic ever and then some as we figure out things out.  But we are also hanging out a little more…biking, walking and hopefully a kayak tour is in my future. 

We trust you are taking care of you, physically, emotionally and spiritually too. This is a very strange time for all of us, everywhere, here and there. It’s a little scary too. We can’t wait to see you back at Track Shack and pray its sooner than later. Some of us may look different if we are home too much longer. (You may find out that my hair is grayer than I’ve led you to believe!) See you on the roads keeping your distance but enjoying our new normal…

Betsy and Jon

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