Staff Product Review: Brooks Addiction Walker 2

By: Betsy Hughes, co-owner, Track Shack of Orlando

Next time you pop into Track Shack, check the picture out of our original shoe wall.  We had just ten styles of shoes!  And no, there were no color options or widths.  But, we did carry the Brooks brand even in 1977.  Brooks has evolved and since then ownership has changed three times.  In the running industry, Brooks currently takes the number one spot on most shoe walls.

Recently we received an update of what I call the "get better" shoe, the Brooks Addiction Walker 2.  Your running shoe probably updates every year but the Addiction Walker 2 doesn't and we were excited to see the new and improved model.  This is one of two leather walking shoes we carry and by far the most popular.  The fit is contoured just right for most customers whether they are in need of that "get better" shoe or they need a sturdy leather shoe for work.  This model does come in widths and is available in white or black.  This year there is also a suede model (made with faux leather) and continued research will hopefully tell us if the volume is as high as the leather option.  My thought is that the leather shoe is still the better "get better" shoe because suede is so much softer therefore not as stable.  The leather models also come in a Velcro option but we save this option for the folks that truly cannot use laces as shoes with laces always are more secure on the foot. Although the sole is stamped as Slip Resistant we know that this is for water only on most surfaces. 

Jon and I were thinking about how long its been since the first Brooks walking shoe came on the market.  I asked Brooks as well and we all 'think' its been about 25 years.  Even back then we sold a lot of these shoes for the comfort aspect and the fact it was leather and its versatility. Then, one day, Brooks said "sorry, you can't order that shoe anymore, the factory mold is falling apart."  Crazy right?  In fact, for all these years since,  I thought they lost the mold but a Brooks representative corrected me this week. 

Many doctors and physical therapists trust us with their patients who are injured or are post surgery.  We have great success with the Addiction Walker 2.  The review of the Addiction Walker 2 is not as flowery as some but I promise the shoe itself is worth trying if you are in need of the "get better" shoe!  Come in with your socks, your own insole if necessary and let us measure your feet so you can give them a try. 

Track Shack is a specialty running/walking store that has been serving the footwear needs of Central Florida’s fitness enthusiasts since 1977.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff takes each person through a custom fitting process.  Shoes and feet are our business but people are our specialty!  Now that you’re here, walk through our user-friendly website and welcome to the Track Shack family!

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