Staff Product Review - Run Bras by Brooks

By Abby Slauter, Shoe Expert at Track Shack 

If you’ve been fit for a bra at Track Shack, chances are you’ve tried on the Brooks Fiona or Juno. These beloved bras—renowned for their support and custom fits—are being replaced with a new line of Brooks Run Bras called the Dare collection. When we first heard the news that Brooks was retiring two hugely popular bras, the Fiona and Juno, our staff and customers alike mourned the news. Favorites among the well-endowed, both bras offered unparalleled support and unique features like adjustable front straps. Well, don’t worry! The new line of supportive Brooks bras has arrived at Track Shack, and I’ve given them all a try so I can fit you for your next favorite run bra.

What impressed me most about the Dare line right off the bat is the soft but moisture-wicking fabric and the seamless, molded cups, which provide support and shape without adding extra bulk. I realize I may be in the minority here, but I never quite fell for the Fiona since I found its fabric slightly too sheer for my liking and yet the seams on the cups annoyed me under a shirt. In contrast, I love the DriLayer HorsePower fabric of the new bras! It’s lightweight enough that you won’t notice the added coverage and smooth enough that you won’t have to worry about pads flying out in the wash.

Let’s start with my personal favorite, the Dare Racerback Run Bra, aka the new Juno. Racerback styles are my go-to in bras because of both the support and range of motion they offer. Slipping straps are a problem with traditional bras when you’re a petite woman like myself, but I’ve never had a racerback style slip on me. This bra was no exception. Like the Fiona, the Dare Racerback is offered in band and cup sizes 30 B to 44 E, but it has more of the fit and support of the Juno. The soft, molded cups conform to your body and provide a streamlined silhouette while adjustable straps and an adjustable band offer an even more customized fit so you can move freely without worry. This bra also features mesh paneling to allow for breathability and air flow. If you are one of those ladies who used to double up on sports bras before you found Brooks, this is the one to start with.

Fear not, Fiona fans! Brooks has got you covered, too, with their Dare Scoopback Run Bra. The Fiona—believe it or not—was actually considered a medium support bra. The Dare Scoopback is now a high-impact bra, offering you and your ladies even more comfort and support than before. Brooks knows that not all women want a racerback bra, so this bra was made with a more traditional bra style. Two other notable changes from the Fiona are that the strap adjustment has been moved to the back to provide a more seamless front fit, and that the available sizing has changed. The Dare Scoopback comes in A/B and C/D cups and band sizes 30-38, which is perfect for women like myself who are between cup sizes. However, women above a small DD cup or over a 38 band may need to try the Dare Racerback to find support in their sizes. 

The Dare Strappy Run Bra offers a bit less support but all the same comfort plus some extra style for A and B cup sizes. What I love about this bra is the strappy design, the chafe-free hidden bottom band, its lack of clasps and straps (that’s a big plus for me!) and the racerback style. What I don’t love is that it’s only available in sizes 30-38 A/B, leaving out a good number of runners who won’t fit into the cup range. While I am one of those runners who falls outside their size range, I tested it out, anyway, since the design appeals to me. While I found this bra comfortable and would wear it for light-to-moderate activity, it is better suited to women who don’t need quite as much support up top. Brooks claims this bra is high-impact, and maybe it is if you are the correct cup size, but I recommend this bra as more of a medium support if you’re at least a C-cup. 

I am usually not a fan of front-close bras, but the Dare Zip Run Bra might have just changed my mind about that. I know, I know—they’re easier to take off when you’re sweaty! But the zipper is also visible under shirts and sometimes I find them to be a bit too cleavage-enhancing for a workout. The Dare Zip held me in comfortably and I didn’t see or feel the zipper seam when I tried a tank top on over the bra. Like the Scoopback, the Dare Zip comes in sizes 30 A/B – 38 C/D. One thing I really liked about this bra is its hidden bottom band, which minimizes the chances of chafing during those sweaty long runs. The back of this bra is almost a hybrid between a racerback and a scoopback, with wide enough straps to ensure high-impact support even for bustier women.

Remember that replacing your sports bra regularly is important. Women change size with weight gain or loss, pregnancy, age, and more. Many women even need to size down in the band in sports bras from their day bra size. It is a great idea to be fit again if you haven’t been properly fit recently, and all of our female staff at Orlando Track Shack are trained and ready to help you run happy in your new Brooks running bra. Stop by the store and try on the new styles for yourself. You might just find your new favorite bra!

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