Insurance Office of America: A Champion for Workplace Wellness- How Do IOA Employees Stay Fit?

By Bevrlee Lips, Director of Enterprise Marketing and Communications, IOA

Staying fit is an everyday challenge. We face tons of pressure and distractions, bumps in the road, and tempting goodies at every turn. Today, however, we have all kinds of wearable devices that help us keep track of nearly every health indicator. But which one is the best one for you? At IOA, our team members use a variety of devices. If you don’t have one yet or are considering a change, here are some interesting options that help our team members stay consistent or moving toward better health. 

“I recently upgraded to the Garmin vívoactive 3 Music and have had great success. I log my steps, workouts, sleep, and stress levels. The data is very telling and helps me stay on track the way a workout partner would. It feeds to my phone via the Garmin app, so I can track my results,” says Chris Labrecque, president of the Employee Benefits Division.

“I’m a data junkie, so the Garmin fēnix3 I’ve been using for the past three years rarely ever leaves my wrist. Why? Because it provides feedback to tell me when I need to recover a little longer or when I’m cleared for intense workouts. Whether it’s a swim, bike, run, hike, strength training, or any other activity, my Garmin has never failed to deliver and help me stay on track with my training program,” says Glenn Humphrey, commercial insurance risk advisor, and triathlete. 

“My Fitbit helps me achieve my fitness goals and holds me accountable. The features I love most is its ability to track my calories burned and detail my sleep activity. The app is amazing because I can see my progress and just how far I’ve come. I still get a rush when I hit my goals and it lights up in celebration,” says Haley Brennan, marketing and communications coordinator. “Another feature I enjoy is the ability to challenge friends. I often do challenges with my grandma, which helps me get my steps in because who wants to lose to their grandmother? I love the Fitbit so much that I plan on upgrading to a newer model with even more capabilities.”

I have an Apple Watch but needed something to track my activities, sleep, and other data better. I bought an Oura Ring and love it. It fits any finger, stays charged for about six days, and gives you all kinds of data, much of which is not available with as much detail from other devices. It learns and makes suggestions. It’s so comfortable, I never even think about it. 

No matter the wearable you choose, the most important thing is that it helps you achieve better health. Cheers to that!

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