Staff Shoe Review – Hoka Clifton 6

By Shane Huckeba, Shoe Expert at Track Shack and Former Collegiate Athlete

Here we are again… it’s been a while for me, but we have a shoe today that I am pretty excited about— the Hoka Clifton 6. Now I want to preface, this isn’t really going to be a review since the shoe just got to our store. This is going to mostly be informational about the shoe and what to expect. After talking with both the sales rep and tech rep for Hoka and getting the inside story on the update to the Clifton 5, I wanted to share what they were saying about the shoe. 

So the thing I want to call attention to is the new Clifton 6 is very likely to have a different fit and feel. I highly recommend trying the shoe on first if you are coming from a previous generation. That being said, different does not mean the shoe is worse or that the shoe is better, just different. Coming in at 9oz for men and 7.4oz for women, the shoe is lighter than the previous version (9.4oz for men and 7.6oz for women). I always like it when a company manages to trim weight from iteration to iteration, but that alone isn’t the most important factor when it comes to shoe buying. Another change is the amount of outsole on the bottom. There is a bit more coverage which should help increase longevity on the shoe as well as grip. One other aspect of the shoe that has changed is that its geometry of this shoe is a little flatter. I believe the scientific term used by the reps was, “less archy” throughout the midfoot. Now, this shoe still has the patent Hoka characteristics: the soft cushion, lightweight, and the meta-rocker*.

I actually have had the opportunity to wear the new version of the shoe as of writing this, so I wanted to add a couple of additional thoughts about the new update to the shoe. As someone who is currently running in the Clifton 5, there were two major changes that I noted from old to new. The first was the width of the toe box. There is a little bit more space in the toe which honestly is a welcome change for me. The second change was the consistency of the midsole foam. It feels a little bit softer, and I have to say I felt a little smoother running in it. I am typically one for a little bit of a firmer shoe, but for those days you are feeling beat up or if you just want a solid trainer on a day to day basis I believe the Clifton 6 is definitely worth a try. If you have never tried a Hoka before and are looking for a neutral, high cushion shoe, I recommend slipping this bad boy on. Come into Track Shack and see if it’s the proper fit for you.

Where do you run in your Hoka shoes?

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*Meta-Rocker is the slight curvature of the bottom of the shoe from heel to toe. It’s designed to allow for a smoother transition throughout the foot strike. 

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