Company Spotlight: Kuehne + Nagel Inc.

Nearly 700 teams participate each year from 18 different categories. One of the newest companies to join in is Kuehne + Nagel Inc. Their team captain, Susannah Geyer gives us an introduction into this company and what sparked their interest in the IOA Corporate 5k

TSE: Is this the first year that KUEHNE + NAGEL INC. is participating in the IOA Corporate 5K?
SG: This is the first year we have been involved.

TSE: Are you a first time team captain?  
SG: Yes!

TSE: What motivated you to get your team involved this year?
SG: We have a company wellness program in the US to promote healthy activities. As part of the program we were looking for an event for our branch to promote a healthy lifestyle.

TSE: Tell us a little about your company.
SG: We were founded in 1890 in Bremen, Germany as an international freight forwarder. We have grown into a leading global provider of innovative and fully integrated supply chain solutions and we are one of the world’s leading logistics providers. We have about 1,300 offices in over 100 countries, and have about 79,000 employees. You can find more information about us here https://www.kn-portal.com/about_us/about_us/.

TSE: How many employee are in your office?
SG: We have 31 team members at our branch.

TSE: What is the estimated number of people participating in the upcoming event?
SG: 25

TSE: Share how KUEHNE + NAGEL INC.  keeps the culture of workplace wellness going all year round. We have a wellness program for our US team members.
SG: This is a point based reward system that has a financial incentives for participating in healthy activities.

TSE: Will your team submit results and compete in the Transportation Industry? Or is your team just participating for fun?
SG: We are participating for fun.

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