It’s a Small Business, After All

Dripping wet from my workout this morning, I ran out of the house to meet workers at the store.  They sure do get an early start but it was a blessing in disguise as the garbage can had emptied all over our parking lot due to an early morning storm. 
Of course, I made picking up that nasty garbage part of an extended workout because it had to be done.  As a small business owner, I even fix toilets, mop floors and of course between Jon and myself we manage almost 45 employees! We know how lucky we are, too!   

We live in a growing, healthy community and are surrounded by friends and neighbors who have supported Track Shack for more than 40 years!  How can we ever thank you for that?  Our staff, Chris, Jon and I make it our mission to keep you and Central 
Florida healthy, through fitting you with the best shoes for your individual needs and by producing amazing events all year, from the Smile Mile to the OUC Orlando Half Marathon! 

Because of your nominations over the last several years, Track Shack has been ranked as one of the 50 Best Running Stores in America.  It creates a sense of great satisfaction to our staff and to us to be recognized among the nation’s best. This year's 
nomination can be found by clicking the image if you feel so moved.  Thanking you in advance! 


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