Mythical & Elusive: Zensah Unicorn Compression

Track Shack is proud to sell and partner with Zensah, a company based in south Florida! Zensah takes compression sleeves to the next level and has recently introduced the popular unicorn sleeve. We talked to Ze’ev, owner of Zensah to learn more about them. 

How did the brand Zensah start?
Zensah was founded in January of 2004. I had come across special machinery that produces seamless apparel. I thought it would be great for runners. Eventually I found a factory that would work with us, and our first customer was the Miami Heat. In 2006 we exhibited at The Running Event in Austin, Texas. The following year we introduced leg sleeves for running. After that things really took off thanks to support from the running specialty community.

How is Zensah different than other compression sleeves?
The main difference between Zensah leg sleeves, and other sleeves is the tech we use, and they are the only sleeves that have ribbing as a physiological design. We use special yarns that have a great feel, and have performance attributes. Also our leg sleeves have a special Chevron Ribbing in the front which is the same design athletic trainers use to tape for shin splints.
Note: Worn during exercise, compression sleeves and socks are designed to stimulate circulation and promote muscle recovery post exercise.

Where did the idea of unicorn sleeves, socks and crews come from? 
We always ask our customers what they would like to see. The unicorn was one of the most requested designs.

Why are they only offered in 4 stores?
This is the first collection that was offered only to Specialty Run Stores. We had many runners contact us around the country, and we were able to connect them to stores. It really is one community. We featured four stores on our Specialty Run email to recognize run stores that were willing to ship around the country.

How long will these sleeves be offered?
We plan on offering the unicorn sleeves and socks over the next several months.

Are the unicorn sleeves different in any way than the standard sleeve?
The unicorn sleeves have the same compression benefits as our Original Leg Sleeves with a fun design.

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