Thank you for Being a Friend

So as I returned from my wet, cold run I asked Jon about the song with the title's words.  He started singing it and then we both wondered if it was from a TV show we remembered from long ago.  We still can't figure it out. Oh well.  You may be wondering why am I even thinking about this song. 
"Thank you for being a friend" is what I want to say to neighbors who reach out and help each other.  I guess what I'm thinking about is the newspaper.  I can't stand seeing newspapers pile up in driveways.  Jon and I still get a paper each day and I make a huge effort to stop delivery when we travel.  Seeing mail or a newspaper all day in a driveway is like inviting a robber into your home.  This weekend I saw numerous door hangings from the Boy Scouts advertising their mulch sale.  I think when companies like restaurants or landscapers are promoting their services and they see newspapers in the driveway they should either pick them up for the resident or just be smart and not leave their notice on the door so the world can see they aren't home. I'm honestly not tooting my own horn but I take it upon myself to hide papers behind a plant or column when I see a paper out later in the morning.  And since I'm such a believer in time management I use that bending over to reach the paper as a stretch :) 
It amazes me what comes to my mind when I'm out running.  This newspaper scenario took most of my Sunday run.  Since I don't listen to music my mind just never stops.  I actually do get a few things done while running.  I make mental lists, and boy, that has got to be good for my memory! If you see my running and it looks like I'm using my fingers to count, I probably am going through my lists and memorizing what to write down the second I return home.  I have so enjoyed my runs recently, I love the cooler weather and am just so happy I can run. 
See you on the roads!

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Denise Gillespie
[Winter Park FL] • Wednesday February 5, 2014, 11:33 am

Great blog and I do the same thing (make mental lists). For the record: Andrew Gold sang this for the Golden Girls, I believe!

Patricia Brigham
[Orlando FL] • Wednesday February 5, 2014, 11:13 am

You're a good neighbor to have, Betsy!