Product Review: Currex RUNPRO Insoles

By Betsy Hughes, Co-Owner of Track Shack

We have updated our accessory wall at Track Shack!  Our family owned store works long and hard making decisions on products to enhance customers’ athleticism.  A lot of time and research goes into our decisions and bringing in the Currex RUNPRO insole was no exception. 

Currex is not a typical over the counter support insole.  Instead it is designed to enhance the shoe our staff has determined to be the best for you through our evaluation process.  After reading much of the research done by various universities in Europe and Canada and by our own trials, Track Shack staff believes the insole does lower foot pressure and fatigue and makes for a more comfortable and natural strike.  For customers with a higher arch it fills the void between the foot and shoe, creating a more natural full foot contact. 

Like many insoles they are designed to last 2-3 pair of shoes.

Come in and ask for a profile of your arch on our Footdisc and try Currex in place of your normal sock liner. If you agree with our research and feel the comfort and feel the propelling or rebound effect, give them a try.  Like many insoles they are designed to last 2-3 pair of shoes.  The forefoot memory foam doesn’t wear out and the bamboo and charcoal Poli-U midsole is great for moisture wicking and odor.  They cost in the $50 range. 

Track Shack is a specialty running/walking store that has been serving the footwear needs of Central Florida’s fitness enthusiasts since 1977.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff takes each person through a custom fitting process.  Shoes and feet are our business but people are our specialty!  Now that you’re here, walk through our user-friendly website and welcome to the Track Shack family!

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