I love running in the cooler weather.  This morning would probably classify at colder weather and it made for a great run!  My many years of running have given me better insight on how to make a run better.  Or, you can call my experience, "Betsy's rules."
I'm a huge believer in warming up prior to running.  My most important rule is to walk at least ten minutes before running to warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing by filling up your lungs with oxygen using deep, slow breathing through your nose. Well, on cold days, this is impossible to do outside!  Options include warming up in the living room...run in place slowly, take some deep breaths and do some gentle stretching.    Or, what I did this morning...start off running so incredibly slow that you feel like a slug for three or four minutes, then take a couple 30 seconds or so walk breaks...once your ten minutes is up it is time to get into your regular pace.  It worked for me today and after watching the news and weather forecast, it seems as though that will be a good warm up Saturday morning for the Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5.2k event. 
Oh, and another rule I have :)  Always bring a tissue with you on those chilly days, because when you run, so does your nose! 

See you on the roads!


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Paul Gardner
[Longwood FL] • Thursday January 23, 2014, 1:16 pm

Fantastic advice. I have all my clients walk for a half mile before running, as I do myself. It's a lot easier preventing a glitch than healing from one, especially as one gets older. Have a terrific day. Paul