SUMMER RUNNING TIPS: 5 Tricks for Picking the Right Running Outfits 

1. Let it Breathe

Moisture wicking material moves the sweat away from your skin to the fabric surface so it can evaporate. This helps keep the body cool down when you exercise.

2. Keep it Light

Clothing weights can have a great effect on our runs! Options for men and women include mesh tank tops or singlet styles. There are plenty of lightweight, short sleeve options as well. We recommend a mesh material. It drys faster, doesn’t stick to the skin, and is breathable.  

3. No Black on the Track

Stick to lighter colored clothing like grays and whites. They don't absorb heat and the sun bounces right off of them!

4. Pick the Right Style for the Miles

Style and length are key things to consider in clothing. Every body is unique and there are plenty of options to find the best fit for your body! Spandex has revolutionized the running industry and makes it easy to run without worrying about clothing moving. Compression shorts and tights have become more popular and stay put during a run!

5.  Choose the Best Running Companion

In addition to the right outfit, the right running accessories can make or break a run. Body Glide is a game changer when it comes to chafing. Applied like a deodorant stick, the product can be used on areas where friction causes chafing or blisters.  Hydration is essential in the heat of summer. Nathan and our other hydration brands offer great options such as hand held bottles or hydration waist packs. Lastly, hats and visors shield your eyes and face from the sun.  Headsweats products are washable and help keep a cool head. Added bonus: the ability to add a clip-on light for running in the dark.

Track Shack has everything you need to make your run more enjoyable this summer! 

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