You are your own best friend.  Did you know that as a runner/walker only you can take care of you?  You must be a good listener to your body.  I feel as though I preach that each day to customers and friends alike.  However, I must admit, I, too, am just like you.  "What do you mean, body? Not run for a week?"  If only I had listened.  A simple injury that may require a week or two or perhaps even a month of laying off can become so much more when you forget to listen. 
A good listener will also take the time to see a professional.  That person should be an advocate for you, even when you don't want to hear bad news.  Your doctor or physical therapist needs to understand running, naturally, to be helpful.  And then, it is necessary for you to trust that person.  Trusting is important and so is asking questions.  That helps you be a better listener :)
My simple injury became worse because I thought I was just to smart for my own good.  When that happens to a runner, other injuries are created through compensation and then, unfortunately, time off running gets extended.  So be your own best friend and be a good listener!  Then I'll see you on the roads!

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