American Retail Champion's Program

This time next week, Jon and I will be in our nation's capital participating in the American Retail Champion's Program.  We were selected to represent small business's in Florida after being nominated by the Retail Federation. We are very honored and excited about attending this summit.  

Of course, the first thing I did was check the distance between the hotel and the mall, making sure we would have opportunities to run near the monuments in D.C. Plus, because we'll be meeting with our state legislators I'm trying to figure out what shoes I'll bring, other than my running shoes, that are comfortable enough to wear while visiting Capital Hill.  

Seriously though, Jon and I are  thrilled to be included in this forum discussing pressing public policy issues and priorities that affect small business' like Track Shack.  We've been so fortunate over the years and while it is challenging to stay current with the times, our Central Florida family of runners and walkers make it all worthwhile.  

See you on the roads! 


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