Rob Krueger:  The Fastest CEO is Committed to Fitness

Rob Krueger is in a hurry.  And if you’re not careful, he may run around you, past you or even through you.

Krueger, CEO of construction management firm WIELAND, was the recipient of this year’s Corporate 5k “Fastest CEO Award”, logging an impressive 20:44 time as he helped his team and company compete in the 5k event for the third straight year.

Krueger, 48, made the trip from WIELAND’s Michigan headquarters to Orlando to run the event and provide support for

WIELAND’s Florida office.  He also wants WIELAND’s employees to take note that fitness is important.

“WIELAND’s participation in the Corporate 5k has been fun and also good for business,” says Krueger.  “On behalf of our 110 employees, we support the charitable functions of this event, and also the physical fitness that can come along with training for a 5k.”

Part of Krueger’s support for the Corporate 5k event stems from his love of running.  As a 16-time marathon finisher and a five-time Boston Marathon participant, Krueger has been running for over 15 years.  He has run many events with his wife and three daughters, and has also encouraged employees at WIELAND to take up the sport.

“Running is a great way to stay in shape and has lifetime benefits beyond just keeping weight off,” Krueger says.  “Studies are pretty clear that many common diseases like heart failure, obesity, and even cancer can be avoided through running or regular aerobic walking.”

When WIELAND built its corporate headquarters in 2007, Krueger was instrumental in making sure the design included a fitness center, with weights and several treadmills.  He also wants to see WIELAND roll out a Wellness Program soon.

Krueger has supported another WIELAND employee from its Florida office – Chris Sadowski – to manage WIELAND’s participation in the Corporate 5k.  Sadowski, a senior project manager and an avid runner and triathlete himself, had participated on behalf of a previous employer and asked if he could get WIELAND involved when he joined the firm in 2014.

“Rob and the rest of the leadership at WIELAND didn’t blink an eye when I asked about getting WIELAND involved,” Sadowski says.  “It’s great to work for a company that sees the benefits of participating in this event while getting involved in the community at the same time.  It’s also nice to have a CEO who can run a sub-21 minute 5k!”

WIELAND’s support of the event  has grown annually since its first year of participation in 2014.  Last year WIELAND stepped up as a Gold Zone sponsor and this year continued in the Gold Zone but also advanced to include sponsoring the Mile Markers.

WIELAND was founded in 1958 and has offices in five states nationwide.  The firm has annual volume of nearly $300M and is a regular on the ENR Top 400 list.  For more information visit www.wielandbuilds.com..

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