A Family That Runs Together

It was all about "me" when I started running in the mid 1970's.  I feel in love almost immediately.  I was encouraged by strangers and introduced to cross country and I was hooked! A couple years later I fell in love again, but this time with another runner, Jon. Morning runs, after school runs and workouts and of course, the races.  Track Shack, marriage and babies; and always running. Somewhere, along the way, seeds were planted and more and more running became mainstream.  

Last weekend was a runner's high for our family.  As Jon and our staff produced an awesome event at UCF, our daughter and son-in-law ran their first marathon.  My mom ( an accomplished marathoner in years' past) and I were there in North Florida to cheer them on.  Our son and his girlfriend ran the distance dare at the UCF event.  And!  Our niece and nephew ran their first half marathon up in Maine!  We are so proud and excited for all of them. May you always share our love of running :)

See you on the roads!


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