Reviewing Shoe Reviews
(and online shoe finders)

By Anthony O'Neill, Track Shack Store Manager

Shoe companies take great pride in earning awards when magazines review shoes. Runners read  these reviews when shopping for a new pair. Is the information accurate? Can you find the best shoe for you this way? 

There are some things to consider when reading a shoe review. How many people tested the shoe? It is possible only one person did. If even a small group of people ran in it before reviewing it that may be too small a sample to rely on.  The information contained in the review may be accurate but consider how that might apply to you.

When using these reviews and the often accompanying shoe finder I discovered some interesting results.  I looked thru three sites. Each site recommended very different shoes from the others. On each site I received recommendations that were very different from each other. I found I could get varying recommendations by changing an answer on the questionnaire that had no bearing on what shoe I should actually wear. For example if I weighed 10 pounds less or ran 5 more miles a week I could wear very different shoes.

Nothing beats having a trained, experienced salesperson fit you. Their ability to thoroughly evaluate YOU is invaluable. You can give them more information than you can give a questionnaire. You can try on and compare many styles of shoes and both give and get feedback. All of this helps ensure the best choice is made!

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